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Cleaning Solutions

We offers a single, total solution for all your cargo hold cleaning needs – including equipment, chemicals and all necessary documentation. Through our extensive network we provide a complete range of services to support your port calls including sourcing, delivery and management of cargo hold cleaning operations.

Tank Cleaning Solutions

We also specializes in cleaning tanks that are utilized to store various product types including crude oil, fuel oil, slop oil, hazardous chemicals, wastewater, asphalt, and other products. Whether it’s routine maintenance to remove solids and sludge, decontamination measures, tank renovation, or the demolition and decommissioning of a tank, trained personnel will perform the storage/vessels’ tank cleaning.

We also supply an innovative and complete range of quality tank cleaning chemicals designed for any kind of tank cleaning.

Oil & Sludge Disposal And Chemical Cleaning

Sludge builds up in tanks and vessels over time. The sludge needs to be removed at regular intervals in order to maintain a smooth running operation. Sludge removal can be a hazardous task if performed manually. For this reason tank and vessel sludge removal is carried out remotely wherever possible, or with minimum man-entry in confined spaces. A range of technologies have been developed for the oil and gas industry, as well as the chemical industry and others for sludge removal. Vacuum transfer systems can pump sludge safely from its source to a transport or storage source.




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